Jeg vil leve


Click on any of the below links to listen to free excerpts from an audiobook version of my unpublished Norwegian to US English translation of JEG VIL LEVE by Oscar Magnusson.

I recorded the entire audiobook myself as a means of presenting my translation to potential publishers around the globe. Although I do not own the copyright to this story, I was granted written permission by the Norwegian publisher (Gyldendal Forlag AS) to present my translation to publishers. These excerpts are being made available to you so that you might help me to build my case that this is a high-quality translation. It is my sincere belief that an English-speaking audience would benefit greatly from knowing Oscar’s story.

I spent about 30 years (1984-2014) on this translation after first reading the book while studying in Bergen, Norway, through UC Irvine’s Education Abroad Program (1983-1984). My work on translating the original Norwegian version of this amazing true story of survival in Nazi concentration camps during WWII served as an excellent way of learning Norwegian.

The sole purpose of providing access to these excerpts is to allow multiple listeners to assist me with assessing the quality of my translation. Feel free to download the mp3 file and listen to the excerpt at your leisure. Any concrete feedback you wish to provide me can be emailed to jeff @ mclean . no

Introduction to this audiobook


Introduction to Oscar’s story – Liberation

About one Christmas Eve and a Final Farewell – Part 1

About one Christmas Eve and a Final Farewell – Part 2


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